Raahe Pimiät Festival

Raahe Pimiät Festival is the dusky culmination of early autumn!

Please note that Raahen Pimiät fair and Löylykylä have been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Time of the event: 3–4 September 2021  

Location: Seafront of the Packhouse Museum and Rantatori Square, address Rantakatu 37, 92100 Raahe sekä Härkätori Park, address Laivurinkatu, 92100 Raahe.   

The unforgettable weekend that closes the summer season provides joy and enjoyment for the whole family as twilight slowly envelops the shores of Raahe. Fun, wacky and weird activities will also be organised in the centre of the town, with Härkätori Park as the centre point.  

The wildly-popular Kiiltomatosuunnistus orienteering event invites children under school age or younger to enjoy an exciting orienteering course as dusk gradually falls on the streets of Raahe.  

The Rantatori area will be taken over by the Pimiät markkinat fair, and the market places will be filled with local handicrafts and many kinds of culinary treats to titillate the taste buds. The lawn area on the shore will feature a cornucopia of fascinating items and rarities to purchase from vendors peddling all manner of odds and ends.  

In the Avoimet Pihat section, you will get to explore the yards of the wooden district of the enchanting Old Raahe, rich with cultural history. The available yards will be specified in advance and will be open throughout the event. The spotlight will be on the historical and culturally rich Old Raahe at the Old Raahe House and Milieu of the Year awards at the Raahen Pimiät event.  

To enjoy sauna or learn about saunas right by the centre of the town, you can visit the Löylykylä sauna village, which will be erected in the lawn area by Rantatori Square. The area will feature a wide range of mobile saunas that are open to all.  

The diverse programme includes music, magic and circus acrobatics, and the entire town is invited to enjoy the festivities! In the warm twilight of autumn evenings, the magical blend of light and dark, fire and water will ensure a weekend to remember.  

Join us in celebrating the arrival of autumn!  

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